FEN Sapporo Live Microneurosurgery Course in Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery

The 6th FEN Sapporo Live Microneurosurgery course in cerebrovascular and skull base surgery


Registration for the 6th FEN Sapporo Live Microneurosurgery Course in Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery will be made on this page. 
Once the registration process is open, we will make an announcement accordingly.

The 6th FEN Sapporo Live program

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The 6th FEN Sapporo Live Microneurosurgery Course (2022) 開催に際し
Important Notice for the 6th FEN Sapporo Live Microneurosurgery Course (2022) 





OR Observationについて

ライブでの手術室内での見学は、教育的観点から有意義なものであり、FEN Sapporo Live Courseの重要なプログラムのひとつとして実施してきました。しかしながら、2022年FEN Sapporo Live Courseにおいては、COVID-19感染拡大措置として、残念ながら手術室内での見学をとりやめ、すべて大会議室での手術見学となることを予めご了承ください。

※ 日本脳神経外科学会が手術画像のLive Broadcastingを禁止していることから、WebなどによるLive配信はできませんので、現地会議室でのみ見学して頂くことになります。併せてご承知おき下さいますようお願い致します。

Measures to prevent the spread of infection

For Overseas Participants:

The current Japanese government's requirement of a 14-day quarantine after arrival in Japan is a condition for participation. Furthermore, participants are also required to comply with the entry regulations (body temperature measurement, wearing a mask) set by Sapporo Teishinkai Hospital, the venue for the event.

For Domestic Participants:
Participation is possible with body temperature measurement and wearing a mask. In addition, it is required to follow the hospital infection control rules according to the situation.

Furthremore, due to the spread of infection in the future, it is expected that entry restrictions will be tightened and PCR tests will be required at the time of visit. Please kindly ask for understanding of all the participants in advance.

OR Observation

The live observation in the operating room is meaningful from an educational perspective and has been one of the important programs of the FEN Sapporo Live Course. However, please note that in the 2022 FEN Sapporo Live Course, as a countermeasure to the spread of COVID-19 infection, we are not able to offer the tours in the operating room, and all the surgeries will be observed in the main conference room only.

※Since the Japan Neurosurgical Society prohibits live broadcasting of surgical images, it is not possible to provide live streaming via web, etc.; so the participants will only be able to observe the live images in the main conference room of Sapporo Teishinkai Hospital.